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9U-14U Traveling

9U - 14U Traveling Team FAQ's

How much does it cost?

9u is $150 and includes a Monticello Baseball jersey and hat with "M" logo.

10u - 14u is $185 and includes a Monticello Baseball jersey and hat with "M" logo.

If the player is chosen for a traveling team there is an additional $100 traveling fee which covers league and tournament fees. This will be a separate registration following evaluations.

What equipment is needed?

Players will need a glove, helmet, bat and something to drink.

Baseballs, training equipment, hat and jerseys are provided. You may purchase an additional jersey during the traveling team registration.

Baseball pants must be purchased during the traveling team registration as all players must have the same pants. If the player has pants from previous years that fit, they do not need to purchase new ones.

Baseball cleats, belt and socks are highly recommended and will need to be purchased on your own. Our team colors are black and red.

Gopher State Baseball Bat Standards

When are practices and games?

All teams will have games and practices on any night of the week and coaches will schedule those games.

Teams will typically practice 3 times before games begin and 2 times per week during the season.

The season runs from early April through July.

Where are practices and games located?

Practices are located at fields around the city of Monticello.

Games are located in Monticello and the surrounding communities including the metro area and at times further away depending on tournaments. League games are generally closer to home and all games are generally in central Minnesota.

When and where are Evaluations?

2023 Evaluation Information

Evaluations for 2023 will be held on April 1st at the Monticello High School Fieldhouse (East Entrance). 

**Checkout the Evaluations/Tryouts tab on the home page for more information.**

How Does the Evaluation Process Work for 9-14U?

The tryout evaluators are from the Monticello High School Baseball staff and youth baseball experts all of which are independent from our association.  These evaluators have a background in coaching and playing baseball at a high school level or above.  Each AAA team will have 11 players and the In-House/AA teams will have 11+ players depending on numbers. The players are scored on a scale from 1-9 in pitching, fielding and hitting.  We have one evaluator for pitching (2 categories) and two each for fielding (three categories) and hitting (three categories).  The total number of categories a player is evaluated on would be 14 with a maximum score of 9 points in each.

All players will be given a score based on the following:

Pitching (one evaluator):  Form/Accuracy & Arm Strength
Hitting (two evaluators):   Mechanics/Contact/Power
Fielding (two evaluators): Catching Ground & Fly Balls/Fielding Form/Throwing Form

Each player will get to throw 6-8 pitches to a catcher, see 8-10 strikes in the batting cage from the pitching machine, 8-10 front toss pitches, 6 ground balls from a machine and 3 fly balls thrown by a volunteer with a baseball background.  The 9-14U players will be asked to field a fly ball and ground ball coming straight at him/her, moving to the right and moving to the left.

Players attending the tryouts will be required to use a bat with a weight to length ratio applicable to their age group.  Our association will have the required bats available to all tryout attendees.  Please refer to the link below for the current bat weight differential information only.

The general percentage breakdown would be as follows:

Pitching  14%
Hitting    43%
Fielding  43%

Initial tryouts and callbacks will all take place on the same day at the Monticello High School Field house.  Once the first round of tryouts is complete, we will post on the website the call back list consisting of the top players based on their tryout scores.  These players will return later in the day for a more in-depth tryout.  

The top seven scoring players for their age group will be an automatic selection for the AAA team.  The final four roster spots will then be selected by the AAA coach from the players who return for callbacks later in the day.  None of the players will know if they were in the top seven prior to the callback tryouts.

After the AAA teams are complete, we will use the tryout scores to form AA teams and so on, if applicable. A minimum number of players must be registered to create multiple traveling teams. For example, there needs to be a minimum of 22 players registered for competitive in order to create 2 traveling teams. All players not selected to a traveling team are automatically put on a recreational (Quad City League) roster.

**Coaching selection: Everyone is encouraged to apply for a head coaching position at all levels.  We require a background check and concussion training for all coaches.  

Potential 9u-14u traveling team coaches must register as a coach no later than the Sunday prior to evaluations.  Coaching registration can be found under the registration tab.  If deemed necessary by the board, each potential new head coach for a 9u-14u traveling team (AAA/AA) will be required to interview with the Head High School Baseball coach and his staff.  If you have coached in prior years, you do not have to interview.  Following the interviews, the High School coach will make a recommendation to the Monticello Baseball executive board as to who should be the head coach for each traveling team.  The entire board of directors will then vote on whether to approve this recommendation. Interviews for traveling team head coaches will be conducted the beginning of March and coaches will be selected shortly after.  Please visit the website for updated information regarding coaching interviews.


Do I need to attend Evaluations?

If your child would like the opportunity to be selected for a traveling/competitive team, he/she would be required attend the evaluations.  If this is not of interest to your child, they are not required to attend evaluations and will be placed on a rec team.

If you are unable to attend evaluations, please email the following information to to request an excused absence and receive communication on an alternate evaluation date if one is created.

1.   Players Name(s):

2.   Parents Name(s):

3.   Street Address:

4.   City, State, Zip Code:

5.   Age Level(s) Registered for:

6.   Reason why a player will be unable to attend evaluations & tryouts: 

7.   Dates player is unavailable:

8.   Additional Information:(if applicable)

**Alternate evaluation dates are not always available and will be scheduled as necessary. Please email the MBA as soon as possible if unable to attend tryouts.

Do I need a waiver to play Traveling baseball in another community?

The Monticello Baseball Association(MBA) does not issue waivers to leave, enter or re-enter our program, so it would depend on the rule requirements of the other community's baseball association.  It would be the player's responsibility to obtain an official waiver form that is signed by that community's baseball association President and present it to the MBA.

Our association will look at each waiver on an individual basis and the board members will vote to approve or deny the request.  We will do this at our next scheduled board meeting only.  Our meeting dates are usually the second Monday of each month and are listed on the website calendar.  

Any waivers that have been signed by the MBA would require a release waiver from that player's previous team and a vote by the our board members as noted above. 

The MBA participates in the Gopher State/MYAS organization and you can review their rules concerning this subject at MYAS.ORG.